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Therapy for Creatives

explore your process • find your inspiration • create authentically

If you are a creative, you likely already have an innate capacity to go deep in therapy. Whether you are a writer, performer, actor, musician, visual artist, or other creative type, you are able to process and express emotions in a unique and powerful way. Therapy can be a place to explore your inner world and enhance your creative practice.

Those in creative fields experience a unique set of stressors that sometimes make life feel overwhelming and put pressure on relationships. I understand the stresses and nuances of the inner world of the creative and provide specialized services to help creatives thrive and get in touch with their inspiration.

I can help with:

  • Dissolving creative & career blocks

  • Expanding creativity & performance

  • Eliminating self-doubt & negative self-talk

  • Overcoming perfectionism & imposter syndrome

  • Reducing performance anxiety

  • Dealing with rejection

  • Learning the art of self-compassion

  • Maintaining life/work boundaries

  • Cultivating healthy relationships

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