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About Erika


My style is open, non-judgmental, and reflective. I value what you have to say, and will listen and be present with you. I seek to understand the lens through which you see the world so that I can help you identify what has been holding you back and empower you to bring about positive changes. Through our work together, we can untangle emotions and free up energy for you to live a more joyful and meaningful life.

Like my practice style, my educational and professional backgrounds are eclectic. I studied philosophy as an undergraduate (with upper-division coursework in art, film, and visual culture) and prior to becoming a therapist, had a career as an attorney (civil rights and entertainment law). My calling as a therapist grew from the discovery that authentically connecting with and supporting the human heart and mind is what I love most. You will find that I bring each of these aspects of my background to the practice of psychotherapy - a solid base in clinical psychology, augmented by the critical thinking and analytical skills I developed as a lawyer and the inquisitive and meaning-making perspective of a philosopher.

Outside of my private practice, I've worked as a therapist in a variety of settings. At UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, I served as member of the Physician Wellness Committee, COVID-19 Mental Health Workgroup, and Emotional Support Response Team. I've lectured and led workshops on topics such as building personal resilience, mitigating burnout, stress management, coping with secondary trauma, positive psychology, and communication skills. I have also served as an associate therapist at Women's Clinic nonprofit community counseling center and provided LGBTQ+ affirmative care at an integrative psychiatry practice.​

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