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LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy

I am a proud member of the community, and actively build my understanding of LGBTQ+ issues, culture, and history into my practice.

What is LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy?

LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy embraces a positive view of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer identities and relationships and addresses the negative influences that homophobia, transphobia, and hetrosexism have on the lives of LGBTQ+ people.

Why Choose an LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist?

Even in the field of psychology, there is still a great deal of ignorance and misunderstanding when it comes to LGBTQ folks. Simply put, people who are not knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues are much more likely to view things from a heteronormative model, and to respond accordingly.

As an LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist, I am deeply aware of the unique aspects of being part of this community. I understand the stigma, discrimination, and bias many LGBTQ individuals have experienced and how these hurtful external messages can become internalized, and am fully dedicated to validating and advocating for my LGBTQ clients.

I trained at Antioch University, the nation’s first (and at the time, only) clinical psychology program offering an LGBTQ-affirmative psychology specialization. And while everyone's experience is  unique to them, I bring my own lived experience and understanding as a member of the community to my practice of therapy.

Relationship and Couples Counseling

Your relationship is as unique as each of you are. Whether you are coupled, married, or in an alternative relationship structure, I approach each relationship with an open mind and curiosity, without making htereonormative assumptions.

LGBTQ+ Family Counseling

Starting and being a part of a queer family is inherently unique. You might be choosing a donor, surrogate, or going through the adoption process. Perhaps you're the only queer family at your child's school. Or maybe you are the child of queer parents yourself. I can help you navigate the unique dynamics and challenges of being part of a queer family, and as a queer parent myself, my lived experience informs my understanding of these issues.  

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